used to describe someone who lets all of the neighborhood children, midgets, small mammals, etc. swing on or hang from his/her erect penis
"dude, where the hellz were ya?"
"i was hangin' out with Foges."
"hangin' out or hangin' on?"
"....... hangin' on..."
"Jesus, Foges is such a birch tree swingset."
by funkmasta-t May 13, 2010
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Slang for male masturbation, originated in Hanson, Massachusetts.
I walked in the locker room and there was Ben cranking the birch tree to no avail.
by SlapStickSlappy May 9, 2009
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What to call your friends when you don't wanna call them a biatch. Put a deer 🦌 next to it so it can be part of the Forest
by Purplemf February 25, 2022
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The worst kind of tree to ever exist. The Cheese Army will not accept birch trees. They must burn for the cheese god.
You suck, you're worse than birch trees.
by boocket March 25, 2022
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When a white person cuts themselves to create lines on them resembling a Birch tree.
Jessica: "you are so ugly Jake!"
Jake: "Shut up, you Birch tree!"
by Shatblaster3000 October 31, 2021
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