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Defined by having two "opposite" characteristics in a friendship.
The persons becomes your good friend one day but becomes an acquaintance the very next.
The pattern of "Good friend to acquaintance" and vice-versa continues, often gaping from days to weeks, to even months.
Iqra: I met Khaqan at a party and we became very good friends, however we didn't talk much at all after the party ended, but recently, we ran into each other on the street and hung out like we were very good friends. I don't know what to call this friendship.

Muhammad: You two are Bipolar friends.
by ikrasaleemkhan March 11, 2013
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Usually a girl (sometimes men) who one minute are so mad about something one of their friends did and then 5 seconds later they are smiling and laughing about the same thing that made them mad.
Oh my god why didn't you tell me to turn left here?! What the hell! Oh how silly of me I didn't turn left, I'm such a bipolar friend
by CandyVentura July 08, 2011
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A friend who will hang out with you, and you will genuinely get along with, but when they're given the chance to gain some popularity will suddenly not be your friend anymore. may even bully you if necessary.
bipolar friend: "HEY! what's up? how've you been??"

Normal friend: "Not much, how about you?"

(another person walks by, presumably popular)

bipolar friend: "Uh, i don't know, why they hell are you talking to me? dumb ass.

Normal friend: "Your such a bipolar friend. go f**k yourself."
by Feely7 February 12, 2011
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