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sucks. Bing is basically a copy of Google; however, Bing does not provide as good results as Google. It looks bad, it searches bad, it loads bad, it smells bad, it is bad
by BENDER-IS-GREAT June 1, 2013
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EARL Keorapetse - Thebe - Kgositsile - William - Neruda
by BENDER-IS-GREAT August 18, 2013
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The acute accent. Also the current top alphabetical definition in the Urban Dictionary.
A CUTE accent!
John: "Hey what's the first alphabetical definition on urbandictionary?"
Ryan: "´"
John: "What?"
Ryan: "´. The acute accent."
by BENDER-IS-GREAT January 2, 2013
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A Japanese word for infinitely gorgeous with extra なs at the end. The current last alphabetical definition in the urban dictionary.

I now own the first, ´, and the last!
Take THAT, Miami Heat!
John: "Hey what's the last alphabetical definition on urbandictionary?"
Ryan: "豪華ななななな"
John: "Huh?"
Ryan "豪華ななななな. Some Japanese thing."
by BENDER-IS-GREAT April 6, 2013
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