Sounds that are played at certain frequencies which stimulate the brain in various ways. For example, certain binaurals can simulate doing certain drugs (Giving a 'high' feeling of euphoria), while other binaurals can give the feeling of an emotion or mood, such as sexuality. Sometimes referred to as 'sound drugs'.
Guy1: I was listening to some binaurals yesterday that got me so high and happy I didn't feel like doing any homework
Guy2: I tried a morphine binaural that was so intense that I had to stop it before it finished
by Urban Dictionary January 23, 2008
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1. To listen with both ears
2. A so-so Pearl Jam album
Erm, there are only a handful of listenable tracks on Binaural.
by Patch September 16, 2003
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Binaural Loptic Beats can be split up into different definitions for easier consumption.

Binaural is the sounds you hear, like violins or a harp or even birds and the sounds of flowing water. As long as it has no driving force and doesn’t carry impulse then it can be considered to be binaural. This is the most subjective component of a binaural loptic beat.

Loptic refers to the rhythm, the driving force, the heart. It drives the track forward and makes it addictive. It can be anything from drums to simple changes in the duration of note or chord lengths, anything that can be considered, or heard to be, a beat.

Some albums, or singles, can be a perfect balance of binaurality and lopticality (like port gentil) whereas some can be more binaural orientated, and conversely more loptically orientated (king bromeliad).
Did you hear that new album from ________?
Yeah its full of binaural loptic beats
A what?
by Ceb_1 June 26, 2021
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