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The most Rich & Powerful in the world, The New World Order (NWO)/Bilderberg group is actively bankrupting nations, so when we, the little people, are desperate, the NWO can get the land and resources at fire sale price (Agenda 21); then they may price gauging on the human basic necessity needs: food, water, fuel, and energy.
Alex Jones hates the Bilderberg group. He camps out at their meetings.
by welcometomyworld September 23, 2011
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A caliphate, is the Islamic form of government representing the political unity and leadership of the Muslim world.

A unified Muslim world.
Members of the last Caliphate government (Ottomans) declaring war (jihad)
by Welcometomyworld September 21, 2011
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Texas is huge. That is why it is soooo weird,.....

That many fires can be started, from the southern part of Texas all the way up to the north, in one single day and just around 2 pm in the afternoon.

That these fires always started around and burnt houses in subdivisions, cities, and towns. Why not in the middle of nowhere, off the highways ????

That Texas was on fire on the most windy day? Someone can really pick a fine day for a fire.

That Texas had to be on fire right after Unions said they are totally loyal to Obama and made violent threats to the Conservatives?

That Obama grounded fire fighting airplanes and laid-off 60 pilots just 5 weeks before the fire?

That soon after the fire, Obama concluded that the fire was caused by Climate Change.
Texas fire 2011 is spooky weird, but it had to happen for George Soros and his puppet Obama, to show how hot it can be; it is global warming, of course.
by Welcometomyworld September 27, 2011
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