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An alternate phrase to "babe", "baby" "honey" etc, but with the same loving connotations.
Typically used by boys in a love hate relationship, or as an insult with a sweet filling (meaning) inside.

Alternatively used by boys who can't express their true feelings to girls.
G: Hey guess what, I passed my driving test
B: Aww I'm so proud of my lil bighead ❀️
by BlackRickSanchez January 27, 2017
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(n.) a term of endearment. a nickname you give someone if they are someone you like. an insulting yet cute nickname that teases someone you like.
by proudstydiot June 12, 2018
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A term used by people when texting that almost always leads to a hook up. Normally used in a moment of desperation.
Deidra: Girl, I'm horny
Tash: Well why don't you call Rodney?
Deidra: Nah I think we broke up last week.
Tash:Oh well, you could call Josh
Deidra: BITCH! naw I can't stand his ass
Tasha: Well I don't know what to tell you
Deidra:.......(texts josh) What's up "big head"
by MillennialSubliminal November 29, 2016
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A human being so fine that they obviously know it. Look for stretched neck holes in their shirts if unsure. They like to fight and make a show wherever they go. They look good doing it. Their presence demands respect. They usually travel in groups, more suitably called "prides" ( as with lions). They can both hold grudges and love fiercely at the same time. Hard to hold onto but it's well worth a try.
I can't tell of I'm afraid of or in love with that bighead, but I sure respect him.
by starshine79 March 29, 2014
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1. someone who is overly confident about themselves

2. someone who literally has a big head
1.David: "i bet that chick wants my sexy body rubbed all over her"
Shane: "You big headed tit. Your ugly as shit no-one wants you, your a fat ugly shit with moobs"

2. Your heads so big that you cant fit through the door
by fooking neowm April 09, 2008
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to make it simple,
its basically the same as conceited..

look at the examples

"Shut your big head up"
-Shut your conceited head up

"We didnt want him to get a big head"
-We didnt want him to become conceited

"He's had a big head ever since he won that championship"
-He's been conceited ever since he wont that championship
by JGuzmannn August 04, 2006
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