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1)A man who is sexually attracted to obese women. See chubby chaser

2)A man who is so desperate to get laid that he has resorted to hitting on obese women.
"Andy is a big game hunter. That chick he left with is so fat some kids mistook her for the cool-aid guy!"
by Johnny_Reb May 20, 2009
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Adj; a younger male who seeks out older attractive females (cougars) in attempt to fornicate with them.
"Did you see Joey score with that cougar last night? He's such a Big Game Hunter."
by Biggamehunter August 26, 2013
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A man who is attracted to cougars (older women who seek out younger men)
Paul actually sought out that cougar from last night. Tracked her down like a big game hunter, he did.
by Gstilletto June 16, 2011
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Often called Big Gay Hunters, or BGH, this is a popular n00b map on Starcraft where people compstomp to compensate for their small penis.
n00b - LULZ!!11! I CAN PWN COMPS 7VS1!!1! I r teh bestor! Carrier massing is 1337! Big Game Hunters is fun!
by Wakalord April 06, 2008
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