Acronym for the popular Starcraft multiplayer map called "Big Game Hunters"
by Anonymous May 23, 2003
BGH is your bitch getting hat that u snap all the females with
Some bitch just called me hot because I had my BGH hat on.
by BGH user June 27, 2022
A highschool in bg full of hicks and bunners. Where you can find chew in the water fountains and if you roll a can of dip down the hallway or throw some cigs in the air...there will most likely be a fight. The Russians here mainly stick to breaking into cars.
Sam: Got some dip bro?
Lauren: No dude. but you can pry get some from the waterfountain at bghs. hah
by lickordipit May 17, 2018
A newbish Starcraft map.
A rip off of the better, "The Hunters" map
by liQuid.Ace March 3, 2004
jjvbm bghs
by lickordipit May 17, 2018
Some crappy forum with annoying cocky mods.
by Ricksoar March 24, 2004