A type of chair that gives people aimbot and wallhacks.
4th grader: Bro he is using hack
5th grader: No he is just using a gaming chair
by The_CX_Corruption August 11, 2018
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Guy 1: Dude that guy is using aimbot and ESP!

Guy 2: No bro, he just has a really good gaming chair.
by MechToes June 13, 2021
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Something that will and does give you an advantage in games.

get one.
Mike: BROOOO, That dude just flew!
Nathan: Frick, he has a goood gaming chair there.
Mike: -_- Seriously? Not funny.
by yes.simple.simple December 1, 2021
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Normal Person: HeS HaCkInG oR uSiNg AiM bOt Or SoMeThInG
Smart person: Nah, He just has a really good gaming chair.
by deware February 20, 2023
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A good way to waste your money when you can get a much more comfortable and ergonomic office chair for the same price.
Friend: Hey, you should get a gaming chair cause it increases your FPS.
Me: Umm, no thanks
by clothestocommunity April 15, 2021
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A Chair usually infront of your gaming computer or infront of your tv that has the smell of a mixture of shit and slight piss, or the smell of swet due to the fact that you haven't been taking a shower and your ass literally lives on that chair and has grown it's roots on it.
Joe: Damn dude I play so much of call of duty I have a gaming chair now.
Bob: Ew that must smell like shit.
Joe: Yeah dude every time I take a shower and sit on it it smells like the ass of yesterday.
by Darte March 31, 2016
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A meme/phrase used in the community around osu!, a rhythm game where you click circles to the beat.

It's most commonly used to make some sarcastic remark when spectating a cheater in-game, usually while they're busy climbing the leaderboards on ludicrously difficult songs.
Bob: (gets a perfect score on The Big Black at 2x speed)
John: Oh, don't worry, he's just got a sick gaming chair. /s
by Solarys September 10, 2017
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