This is the second worst insult you can call someone, after "ur mum gay", of course. This is a phrase not to be taken lightly, as anyone you use it on will immediately despise you. Usually used on Minecraft letsplayers and Jake paulers.
Hey devin, you big gae.
Wtf, pull up on my dirt road, cucklord.
by USEV THE SLAVBOI March 5, 2018
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Children by the name of Ryan, Jesus and raul

Have this disease
by Lil.Ari June 4, 2018
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Can be contracted by age 12, symptoms include autism, inability to form words, not being able able to read social cues, homosexuality, unable to attract women, chronic erectile dysfunction, and unable to win any game regardless of ability sport scenario or teams.
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A person or a thing composing of several people that expresses the gayness of all gays.
by Plan Ree November 25, 2018
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