A simple step-by-step recipe:

1. Add 2 teaspoons of trance breakdowns
2. 5 ounces of hardstyle kicks
3. Enough filtered wood block sounds arranged in triplets to make a tribal shaman vomit
4. A dash of Grand Canyon reverb
5. Quarter of a billion white kids on MDMA
6. Slight dubstep wobble here and there
7. ????
After Sandro Silva's 'Epic' back in 2010, big room house, unfortunately, became such a huge movement that it simply over-saturated the EDM scene in 2013 and onward... Almost every track sounded exactly the same, with simplistic but insanely heavy 'drops' packed with minimal plucks or wood blocks... The distinct set of rules that required a track to be a 'banger' simply didn't allow for any creative thinking, and in the end, big room gave all house music a bad name because of it's repetitiveness and dumbed-down formulaic sound.

Most famous big room 'bangers':

Martin Garrix - Animals
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - Mammoth, Wakanda etc... They all sound almost exactly the same
Sandro Silva & Quintino - Epic (apparently started the fad)
Alvaro & Mercer - Welcome To The Jungle
DVBBS & Borgeous - Tsunami
Hardwell - Spaceman
by electrojesus January 27, 2014
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House music with high-energy climactic build-up and a simplistic bass-heavy section that is often referred to as the "drop." Played mostly at Electronic Music Festivals all around the world.
Big Room House mostly consist of Electro-House & Progressive House Songs.. such artists as Hardwell, DVBBS, Dimitri Vagas & Like Mike, Sandro Silva, W&W, Showtek, Ummet Ozcan & of course Martin Garrix are popular for Big Room House.
by YungiinTFU December 18, 2013
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The only EDM genre where all tracks sounds exactly the same. Big room house features simple shitty chord-based melodies, copied build-ups, vocal shouts unrelated to anything and drops with shitty overused sylenth1 presets (Usually plucks or saw bass).

How to make big room house:

1. Create a saw chord lead by layering nexus/sylenth1 presets and then sidechaining them with a kick.
2. Write a shitty chord progression using overused chords (Like C, G, D, A, F, Bm and such).
3. Make a buildup with uplifter samples you can found in any pirated vengeance sample pack. Also use a snare roll.
4. For the drop create/steal a kick with a sub bass layer, then play it on every beat (4/4). After that take an overused sylenth1 pluck, then pick a note and play it randomly like other big room house tracks. You can also do the same with a distorted saw bass.

5. In order to be called 'creative' add some growl/wobble bass from pirated presets.

6. Create a break after the drop then repeat the whole thing.
7. Submit the track to a label.
8. Get tons of YOLO SWAG teenagers dancing to your shitty track, and also get rich as fuck.
Dude have you listened to that new big room house track which an artist that everybody likes no matter how talentless he is made?
by Them4n3r June 23, 2015
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The state or federal slammer, as opposed to the local clink, or minimum-security house.
You run away from in da house, and yo goin to da big house, wen day catches you!
by Fly On The Wall October 24, 2005
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1. Prison.

2. With emphasis "big", a higher-security prison than this one.
The big house is where you go if you do time.
by Downstrike November 2, 2004
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