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Ready to Slide on an Opp and Smoke them. ***Not always sometimes they jump & shank the Opp in jail especially once they find out an Opp is in booking waiting to get to the block*** Word spreads like wild fire so the aggressor is now "Hot" because they can now put in work to eat chichis or better instead of jail food. They can find out by calling off the jail phone/tablet, messages in Jpay tablets, in person visits like some jails have web cam time slots or camera off of tablet), another inmate, CO's or mail. Whoever takes care of the Opp gets a nice $300+JPAY for commissary as a reward from the person who is still on the streets. Usually shared with those who helped out sometimes new intel comes in & they been alerted that the Opp been eating good on the block so they steal their commissary bag. Heard in most US Drill rap most Chicago, Brooklyn, & now Bronx drill songs. Some artists are actually putting names to who they smoked like it's legal. Pissing off those who hears their murdered friend or family member getting the address to the artist (Sometimes location) because of their lyrics. They playing tic to tat with each other lives. You won when you finally get smoked by someone else. Losing would be being sent back to lock up waiting to get out to smoke some more or be smoked. These are usually. Contracted gang gunmen that are serial killers. They do their time and hope evidence and witnesses disappear so they can "beat" the case. Justice is served in the streets.
"N****s ON HOTS, up in the spot you got hop, talking about all that shit you did in the streets and you came in here and got DROP! KA! KA! BOOM!" - OT9Beno from 800ForeignSide
by YungiinTFU October 12, 2022
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House music with high-energy climactic build-up and a simplistic bass-heavy section that is often referred to as the "drop." Played mostly at Electronic Music Festivals all around the world.
Big Room House mostly consist of Electro-House & Progressive House Songs.. such artists as Hardwell, DVBBS, Dimitri Vagas & Like Mike, Sandro Silva, W&W, Showtek, Ummet Ozcan & of course Martin Garrix are popular for Big Room House.
by YungiinTFU December 18, 2013
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