A person who tends to clog every toilet he/she shits in.
Girl:The toilet is over flowing downstairs!

Girl 2:Yeah some kid just clogged the one upstairs and then he went to Wendy's.

Josh:Well what do you expect when you invite Big Poops to your house
by J-Mont April 2, 2008
Jordan Cooper; in other words his real name.
BP, Big, Big Poop.

boy: "Hey BP , howd you do on that history test?"

Jordan Cooper: why the fu*k is my nickname a piece of shit???

boy: not my problem that s YOUR name......
by the Anii Man February 7, 2017
in short terms, a big poop
damn, that is some big poop
by asdfasdfr May 14, 2007
When someone sits on the toilet to take a normal poop than ends up staying on the toilet pooping for 2 hours
by The_Unknown_Genius_Boi March 3, 2020
when you take a shit so large that you're proud of it
I just did "le big poop." It was SO large that I flushed three times and it was still there. Stinky too. I'll bet you can't do "le big poop."
by cool uncle August 10, 2011