Otherwise known as Subordial Dwarfism, a big midget is a person who carries the traits and facial features of a little person, yet seems to have grown to an almost normal height. They are characterised by teabag shaped stains on their cheeks and streaks of white through hair that seems to have been cut back in the 80s.

These creatures are solitary loners who will seek attention through acting out and aggressive behavior, however this is never a true representation of its feelings, it will always feel like a small child and will often require others to fight their battles.

Their attention seeking can lead to several marriages and affairs, often with their peers or colleagues. This can spark their children to be slightly crazy and even more attention seeking in an attempt to be the center of their parents universe.

The Big Midget is also the name of a WoW character which many people use as an excuse when in an arguement with a "Big Midget". Big Midgets will employ tactics such as sending people out of their sight or sending them on to higher authority. As children these would be the class snitches, and as adults they are likely to move into jobs where they can have authority and support, but includes no chance of danger, such as a teacher or mailman.

Often these tortured souls are neglected and are forced to wander the Earth alone with no-one to comfort them but themselves. They will listen to classical music and will always attempt to sing at a karaoke, that usually leads to a mass suicide as people take their lives to escape the voice.

These creatures are fascinated by why they are the way they are and will pursue subjects such as biology so as to discover more about themselves. As of yet nobody has discovered the reasons why Big Midgets are the way they are or how to cure them from it.
1.) "Hey Big Midget!"

2.) "He is a Big Midget"

3.) "Big Migitism is a severe disease that must be watched carefully."
by All Black Anselmian August 24, 2009
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somebody who is bigger than the average midget, but smaller than the average person
omg look its that Big Midget from Fold!!
by BM-Fold February 13, 2009
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