Newbie, n00b; Often used in the context of a forum or game.
by hexual July 14, 2003
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Someone who presents themselves as a person of great importance, but who's actual credentials are spurious or questionable.
Just ignore that fool Matt and his bullshit history lectures. He's just a big hat with no cattle.
by Jesus March 29, 2004
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The act of being inebriated to dangerous levels of excess
Possum Jenkins: Hey, what did you do for halloween?
Ollie: We had a party, I was wearing a big hat for most of the night.
by TheRiverMan November 2, 2010
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a poser.
someone who is tries hard, but still doesnt get it.
someone who brags tremendously about thier doings, but it's all a lie to make them look better.
He's got a big hat, but no cattle.
by crayola March 30, 2004
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when someone is so full of themselves, and loves to hear themselves talk, but it is all a facade, and there is never any action or substance to back it up
see: all bark and no bite
This guy I work with keeps telling me he is going to kick my ass because I let his daughter suck my dick at the company picnic. That will never happen, he wears a big hat, but he has got no cattle.
by the a.h. March 31, 2004
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Person with a fancy sounding title but no real authority or responsibility.
Boy talk about Big hat, No cattle-Hi Business card says Director of Compliance but all he does is check expiration dates.
by socaljohn December 13, 2019
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