Beyza is the definition of a perfect human being with unbearably beautiful eyes and lips. She has a polite and mysteriously friendly character. She has an amazing taste of closes. Her unmatched drawing and writing skills makes you gravitate towards her even more.
Beyza Gultekin's red hijab is so eye-catching! I love her!
by Hulesb May 22, 2020
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Girls who are named Beyza are very beautiful and hot. They also mostly have a fat ass. Their laugh is unique and automatically make u laugh too. But some Beyzas are also psychopaths and you shouldn’t mess with them.
Beyza is a turkish girl name.
by issayoungb September 01, 2019
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Beyza means:
a very good looking girl, hot , pretty, ass,slice of hot dog
by lalagaga April 06, 2009
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Turkish girl name. You do not have to like them, they do not even care if you do, they are most probably pretty slicker than your average anyway.
But actually thats your loss cuz' they are cool enough to kick it with.
A: Wanna kick it this weekend?

B: YEAH! Let's give Beyza a shout tho.
by Suburbanintruder June 12, 2019
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A turkish girl named, Beyza is the most sweetest person ever, she is really pretty and beautyfull, she has pretty eyes, she is really hot, she is very smart and funny, she understands you by every problem, you can trust her, she is actually the friend you need, she is loyal, she would only love 1 boy at the same time, she gets attention of boys, good lookin, good clothesstyle. She is just perfect
by lollypop_ March 14, 2019
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Beyza is a turkish name.
Beyza definitely rules the world. She is the Queen around you. If you are a boy don't miss the chance and marry her.
She has a great sense of humor and is the fashionista around you. Never lie to a Beyza, she will never talk to you again, and you will be the hoe around your city. She is not that evil bro. She just likes to distance herself from people who talk like shit in and outside her presence.
Also, Beyza knows everything don't let it come to your mind to interrupt her.
Hoe of the city: Omg she is sooo ugly.
Good girl: Watch your language, she is a Beyza.

Rachel: Who is that girl over there? I never seen someone this pretty.
Monica: I know right? Her name is Beyza.
by Stay humble April 13, 2019
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The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is kind, pretty, crazy and loves chameleons!
This kid will go nuts if you spend too much money on unnecessary shit. And if you give her something she can make money of....damn you will make her world a little bit brighter!

This girl is all about being stylish!
A beyza is a true and amazing friend!
A: She is the most amazing person I've ever met! She is such a Beyza!!
B: Wow. I would like to have a Beyza too...
by prayforyourhappinesss January 02, 2017
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