She is a person who is addicted to trabzonspor and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend loves hookah so much that she sometimes feel not loved but this feeling goes quickly when he buys her a new kapten and son clock. She really enjoys and loves the time with her four best friends, although she can't decide who she loves the most.(by the way the mothers love her) She works in a shop and have to wake up at 5 but the money she get is worthy. She buys the newest things but she can't get enough so she order some hookahs for her boyfriend.

Now to her character:
She is funny but also aggressiv she tweak her friends if she doesn't get what she want
You can make jokes about her she won't take them serious

If you prank her she can easily cry so don't do this
Beyza is the maker of depression songs
by Trues January 02, 2017
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