a band from north carolina that has not only made beautfiul music but has influenced me to write lyrics and music of my own. if i could describe their style in simple words i would have to say a technical aggression mixed with a complex beauty. they have four cds out, a self titled album, the silent circus, alaska and colors.

some songs by between the buried and me include white walls, ants of the sky, camilla rhodes, ad a dglgmut, backwards marathon, the need for repetition, more of myself to kill, naked by the computer, and so much more.
by a fan of btbam February 03, 2008
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one of the best metalcore bands out there. they actually have their own sound unlike most of the generic bullshit that happens to be of the same genre as them. they use a keyboardist which is pretty uncommon in metalcore. you could say they have progressive elements in their newer stuff.
by nosotros June 13, 2007
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