When a friend becomes your bestie without you realising or you even excepting they are your bestie.
Bobo was always the favourite riding buddy so naturally became the bestie, i guess you can say it was bestiny
by Not BoBos Bush Bestie August 16, 2020
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1. When two people were meant to be best freinds
2. When its destiny for two people to be best friends
You may tell a newly dating couple that its destiny for them to be together; thats its meant to be. When two people are meant to be best friends, instead of saying they're destiny, you would say that they are bestiny...They are bestinies. Person A: "Jamie and I are besties. We come from completely seperate worlds and backgrounds, but we're somehow best friends." Person B: "Oh you two are besties? No, yall are bestinies!"
by DJ Swellous December 14, 2010
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