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Chrome Clubbie

A higher ranking Santa Cruz bike clubbie who has reached the highest level of ownership

Has most likely owned every model released and had maximum insertion of racoons in the rectum because of there rip off price

They will not acknowledge your existence unless you are another santa cruz rider and then they will gather around and sniff each others arse like dogs
Look over there, that's a chrome clubbie.
We laugh as they ride by with there fucked up riding position.
by Not BoBos Bush Bestie July 18, 2020
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What a 29er rider suffers from when they have shit fitness
Bobo stalled going over the hill because he has shit fitness and 29er lag
Ahhh that there is 29er lag
by Not BoBos Bush Bestie July 15, 2020
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When a friend becomes your bestie without you realising or you even excepting they are your bestie.
Bobo was always the favourite riding buddy so naturally became the bestie, i guess you can say it was bestiny
by Not BoBos Bush Bestie August 16, 2020
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