The person on whom you can count on anytime. The person whom you can make fun of with all the rights but if someone else does the same you get pissed off. No matter how you both irritate each other but you still love each other and will never agree to this fact even in your wildest dreams. A best friend is always there for you when you get yourself into trouble. The only disadvantage of having a best friend is "they eat your food and leave not even small traces of food". LOL!
We are best friends, she is like my sister from another mother.
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by DeeVa2001 August 04, 2019
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by HOW COULD SHE!!!! December 20, 2017
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Two people that basically share a life. Two people who could crush eachother's worlds, but loves eachother too much to. People who knew that they had something special from the beginning. People who is first on eachother's mind to spend time with, or talk to. People who can laugh about anything, write a book together, even weird stuff, such as go to the plaster cottage together, read cookbooks in barnes and nobles together while the "cool" thing to do is hang out in anywhere other than a bookstore on a friday night. People who you can always count on being there, even five years in the future, and they are. People who can practically read eachother's minds.
Alex and Ellie are bestfriends because they are always there for eachother, and are going to JMU together and basically have ESP.
by HC, HMC?! May 06, 2006
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"Bestfriends" is a big word, you can have friends and you can have bestfriends, but you know who your bestfriends are, those are the ones who would take a bullet for you and honestly that you love like a brother, you make fun of each other, do stupid shit, but thats where the love comes from, but in the end you will always be there for each other until the day you die!
Bestfriends can kick rocks
by A loyal ferg September 02, 2014
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Someone you trust completely.

Someone you pee your pants laughing with.
Someone you can look ugly around.
Someone who praises your burps.
Someone who can take you're stuff without asking.
Someone you find at your house before your home.
Someone your mother trusts.
Someone that pisses you off like no other.
Someone you love anyway.
Someone who helps by just being there.
Someone that can put you back together.
Someone who knows things about you that you don't even know.
Someone who you know will still be there after a fight.
Someone who completes you.
Someone that picks up on the second ring.
Someone you have planned your future with.
Someone that just knows.
Best Friend: Someone your thinking about right now
by Caramel Yum January 14, 2016
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Two or more people who share everything with one another, knowing they can be trusted. People who would, if needed, take a bullet for their friend(s). Two or more people who, through all the new friends, new hobbies, new jobs, rough times, and high school, are always there for eachother, no matter how busy they are. A best friend is someone who can make you feel better no matter what.

In some cases, the two or more part doesn't apply. It is quite possible to be your own best friend.
Once you find your best friend(s), hold on to them forever, for they are hard to find and oh so special.
by Tiffany September 14, 2004
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