Originating in Halifax circa 2015, the word Besh is used as a term for a vape/e-cigarette device.

The word's origins come from the words "sheesha pen" evolving through the forms of "sheesha" - "shesh" and finally "besh".

(Writer's Note - The letter 'b' came from a phase where these fellas would replace the first letter in a name with said letter e.g. Sam - Bam, Marsh - Barsh")
"That besh tastes Peng, what flav?"

"Toot on besh lad?"
by sjxley February 14, 2022
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Besh, sometimes referred to as 🅱️esh, is a common replacement term for a HESH round fired from tank cannons. The term is quite popular among armor and military enthusiasts.
Did you see the size of that HESH round?

I think you mean BESH round.
by Skywalket March 24, 2021
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Noun - synonym for Vape or e-cigarette. also has a verb form
Oh look at John, always had his besh in hand

Oh dear lord, Steve would you please stop beshing you look like a prick
by FartLittleSmella June 11, 2021
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Another word for a vape, more specifically a disposable one, but can be used for any type of E-Cig. Commonly used in North-West England.
oi mate can i have a puff of your besh
by ihaveabigprawr October 8, 2021
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A word substituting bitch. Created by Group-X.
by Calle, Kaj October 6, 2003
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