discord mod with a god complex. Every server has a Bers and they're easy to find boasting about how alpha they are while in reality they're in their mothers basement eating cheetos and chugging soy.
Bers : "I am the biggest beastly user in this cord"

Literally everyone : "Quiet soy"
by SIC4R1O January 29, 2020
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The word you use when someone in the vacinity of yourself is acting like a noob(someone new to the subject matter).
You can also use this word when you don't like something that has just happened.
Ber kid, you're nubbing out.

Kid#1: yo what u up to on friday
Kid#2: im taking my girlfriend to the movies

Teacher: Quigley, you recieve a 64 this quarter.
Scholar: ber.

by Mitty Gore November 15, 2007
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A cool and hip way of saying "bear".

Yes, bear as in the animal. Relating to the term "errbody", which is an alternative way of saying everybody.
"Hey, look errbody, it's a ber!"

Polar bear becomes polar ber

Koala bear becomes koala ber

Brown bear becomes brown ber

by A Random Ber December 19, 2007
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different spelling of the word 'bear', which means 'a lot' or 'very'
'there are ber people there' 'i'm ber bored'
by loverofthelulz February 5, 2009
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word used to difine that which is undescribable or of an unusual nature.
"well that was ber" "ber, my nip hurts"
by Andy "Squier" B June 5, 2005
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Person 1: yo who’s ber bored out Ed
Person 2: im on road g come ber snm
Person 1: say less g out in a min
by Lpbb October 14, 2020
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'ber, is a shortened use of Scrubber, or someone who is likely to mug you.

'Ber was adopted as a warning system through-out the town of walsall, if someone looked a threat the word "'ber" could be shouted and the group could escape.

"mobile 'ber" is the same thing except on a bike.
Andrew:Is the coast clear?
Craig: No! theres a 'Ber
everyone: *escapes, unharmed*
by Dudek_ November 27, 2005
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