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A lame school in Oradell, NJ full of Bosco rejects. They think they’re so macho because they beat Don Bosco Prep in 2017 but they still lost to Bosco in 10 of their last 13 matchups. They also have a whopping 0 national championships against Bosco’s 2. Their lame-ass student section dosen’t even let girls in and sounds like a library compared to the mighty roar of Bosco’s chants.
Bergen Catholic Student: Bosco is so trash.
Bosco Student: How many national championships do you have?
Bergen Student: Uhhhhh...
Bosco Student: That’s what I thought. #BergensDaddy
by DriftLegend159 January 01, 2018
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Bergen Catholic is one of the most notorious high schools in NJ. They are hated by pretty much every other rival school in NJ mostly Saint Peters Prep. They have a good football team and thats about the only thing good about Bergen Catholic. The school relates to Zoolanders “school for kids that dont know how to read good and want to do other things too” The grading they have there is easier than public schools and trust me it will become impossible to graduate college because there is so much you havent learned in Bergen Catholic.
by NJprepboy69 January 24, 2018
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