A small suburban town in Lower Bucks Country right outside of Northeast Philadelphia.
Bensalem is the home of the first Rita's water ice and the global headquarters of Ibanez guitars.
by Bo-Tao Chen March 24, 2008
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Bensalem is a town outside of Philadelphia with about 60,000 people, in Bucks County.
It is also the home of "jawn," Neshaminy Mall (which is too small but cool anyway), crazy-ass weather, the stupidest named road ever (Street Road), about 239874698376 Wawas and half that many 7-11's, Rita's WOODER Ice; and believe it or not, electricity too. Bensalem has its ghetto parts and its posh parts, but mostly it's inbetween. It's also being overgrown by urban sprawl.

All in all, Bensalem owns. B-Town represent!
That kid's from Bensalem. WHOA MAN
by Y0ur M0mz0r March 16, 2007
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A small suburban town in Lower Bucks Country right outside of

Northeast Philadelphia.
Otherwise known by teenagers in the area as shitsalem.
They say it is one of 100 best cities to live in though.
Main street is "Street Road" or "Bensalem Blvd"
Contains around 60,000 people.

Upholds many schooling opportunities.
Also it has an apartment complex that teenagers call "Bucks Ghettos" instead of bucks meadows.
Bensalem holds the first ritas waterice.
Teenagers at the local highschool do the "b-town" rumble.
by cownipplesforlife January 28, 2013
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A Person that lives in Bensalem, PA commonly goes to Bensalem High School claims that they are from Philly but if they would go anywhere near Frankford or anywhere in Philly beside then northeast they would cry in there corner listening to PnB rock. You would commonly see them wearing airpods, nike shirts, Adidas track pants, and airforces or

NMDS. If you ever get to look at their phone 70% of the time their screen is cracked and if you ask them how it got cracked they would say "I was doing a wheelie down Street road or Bensalem Blvd and I crashed trying to weave by a semi-truck". They are nic feens, if they see a Juul they will ask to suck the shit out of it and by the time their done the pods empty no matter how full it is. Most of the time you can catch them listening to PnB rock, Lil Baby, Nav, Playboi Carti, Blueface baby, Gunna, and more main stream garbage. If they were rich and had the money they probably would be drapped out in Vlone and off white and their girlfriend will be the princes drapped out head to toe in quotation marks maybe some supreme. Basically a chunk of their brain is just missing.
Look at those bensalemers, Typical bensalem moment.
by Bronzzz July 28, 2019
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the most boring town ever.nothing ever happens here.people from bensalem like to pretend they are from philadelphia but if they were to actually chill in philly & claim they were from philly they would get beat up cuz they are rich snobby wanna be gangsters.the teenagers of bensalem also think that the word jawn originated there when actually jawn originated in philly.
bensalem pennsylvania kid: like im totally like from philly
philadephia pennsylvania kid: sike nahh u aint from philly :POP:
by phillygirl May 17, 2007
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A bunch of weirdos or nerds that play in the BHS Marching Band. You’ll find a lot of people in a group like this, maybe some ginger or a gay guy, or some guy who’s named Ryan. But most likely, you’ll find a bunch of cool dudes that can’t count tempo, but are really comedic. They usually have a yearly joke they do, as this year’s joke was a product called Flex Tape by Phil Swift.
“Did you see Bensalem’s Pit, guys?”

“Yeah, I have no idea what strange things they’re going to do today.”
by BuckymanBTown November 12, 2018
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Non contact altercation where the aggressor follows target hiding in bushes yell/whispering bizarre sexual threats
He's from outta town so he has no idea this is a Bensalem fist fight, maybe we should punch him?
by WSGM the Talk December 12, 2020
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