it means awwwwweee mainly used by Puertorican said DITO
awwwe that kid fell down... dito.... hehe
by tony January 20, 2005
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From the Italian origin, bandito. The act of bending over to accelerate the passing of gas, followed by leaving the room (a flatulence outlaw), making sure to drag the thick air around the highly populated portions of the room. Can be a verb or a noun.
bendito: (bends over, farts, and walks casually--but with a purpose-- around the room)
victim: (across the room, sniffs) Oh my gosh. Whats that smell? Hey, where'd Terry go?
by sparxo July 20, 2009
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For us Puerto Rican’s it can mean a lot of stuff ,,

Like awwwww or if someone does something stupid and they don’t understand you you can say it
Ay bendito are you okay ??
Ay bendito Reina shut up !!
by SquidM October 06, 2018
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