A meme from Star Wars the last Jedi, where it shows Kylo Ren with tights that go extremely high.
by Rubikslube December 27, 2017
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it's ben solo in that new star wars movie topless and u can see how swole he is and so u connec solo with swole and u hav swolo
look at ben he is so swole he is ben swolo
by i really do not have a life December 28, 2017
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Ben Swolo is an absolute Chad of the force and is said to be so powerful that he can destroy entire planets with his Swoleness alone
Have you ever heard, the tragedy of Ben Swolo, The Swole?

I thought not. Its not a story the jedi would tell you.

Its a dank legend.
by The true Saucy Boi January 18, 2022
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