1) To remove your penis from a partners vagina as you are about to sexplode, and then insert it into her tooter and kindly blow your load there.

2) Tie yo bitch to a kite wif a key on it and send her out into an electrical storm fo' whateva reason you gots.
1)Dude, I totally Ben Franklin'd my girlfriend last night. Don't have to worry about pregnancy now!

2)Yo, mah bitch pissed me off after some violent sex, so I Ben Franklin'd her ass. She dead. Don't have to worry about pregnancy now!
by biliardpenis9 August 01, 2008
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A slang term meaning "That's not gonna happen.". Derived from a line Eddie Murphy said in the movie The Golden Child: "You took a Ben Franklin ($100). That's not happenin'"
Person 1: "When are you gonna get me that money you owe me?"
Person 2: "That's pretty much a Ben Franklin."
by Douglas Haanpaa March 28, 2006
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the act of running a buzzer across the top of someone's head as they are fellating you, hence, rendering them bald on top and leaving their hair longer on the sides. (note: may be more successful when performed in a manner that appears spontaneous to the fellator).
I gave Desiree the Ben Franklin last night--she had her bifocals down around her mankles.
by facerides on the disco stick August 06, 2009
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ben franklin was the renowned american inventor patriot printer etc...and also a lover of the ladies. any lady.
hence, the term 'ben franklin'. it can be used in lieu of i'd hit that, and also in exchange for bullshit- but only in context of sexuality - ben franklin means 'you'd fuck anything' in this instance.
p1-"ooh i'd hit that, ben franklin"
p2-"not me her knees are too sharp"
p1-"whatever man, ben franklin"
by geoffk January 09, 2006
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One of the most famous of the founding fathers. He started out as a runwaway and ended up one of the most loved people in his time. he preached early to bed early to rise but was a party animal in his time. he convinced france to send troops to america to win the revolution. he invented many things such as the franklin stove and bifocals. He also proved the lightning was electricity.
Ben Franklin is on the only man on us money that wasnt a president.
by Historian1990 September 19, 2005
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When you use snuff and sneeze so loudly and often in polite company that you are asked politely to be the ambassador to France and meet European royalty.
Person A : Where is Ben from accounting ?

Person B: He got The Ben Franklin now he works in the basement department polishing his stapler .
by Urban Dick Tracey September 09, 2021
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Instead of calling a lady a cunt, you can also refer to her as a C-note, which is what a hundred dollar bill is called, who is on the bill? Ben Franklin...so calling someone Ben, Mr. Franklin, Señor Franklin, etc is calling them a cunt. Unless their name is Ben...then they are screwed.
DUF(fem) - (SCREAMING) Womans basketball is just as much fun to watch as mens!!!

Dude - Hey, Ben Franklin...So what you are saying is that what womans basketball lacks in excitement and dunkability, it makes up for in spirit, layups and three point shots??
by Tjockis August 03, 2006
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