Person 1: Have you seen this insane transformation?
Person 2: They’ve done a Behzinga
by TKerslake November 23, 2021
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A buffed up * he’s still fat really * dickhead who don’t stop posting body pics

Used to be fat Cos he’s unstable and can’t control his eating problems , and is just a prick on camera the selfish ginger, single looking , vikk snogging man
by @a1_.bxbby6 on instagram June 15, 2020
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Who this kid? He's got hair gel on and the newest nerf guns, he must be a behzinga. He mines all the diamonds in minecraft and steals your girl friend on call of duty, he might be the coolest kid out there and most of the behzingas out there are under 10, don't let get fooled by a behzinga they might as well be the coolest kid out there.
Eden's such a behzinga
Dude I love my behzinga Eden
OMG it's a behzinga!
by Jonny.joe December 12, 2017
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KSI: Behzinga is really gay
Behzinga: Fuck off
🏳️ 🌈 A Flag For Behzinga
by GuyWhoDefinedAliKabbani October 15, 2018
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