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'Behos' means Goodbye. Me and my friend were texting one time after class, and when she tried to enter 'Byeee!' in her phone, the quicktxt wrote 'Behos!' and it just stuck.
Person 1: "Thank god class is over!"
Person 2: "I know.. So I guess I'll see you tomorrow?"
Person 1: "Yeah.. Behos!"
Person 2: "Behos!"
by psychoturtle November 20, 2007
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A bebo ho, one with pictures of 'sexual' or compromising nature
A girl on bebo with near nude pictures of herself and all her friends are musclebound guys 10 years her senior. "She is a beho"
by We are Many June 14, 2007
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Behos, from the Mexican (only not) term meaning "BITCH." A phrase used so the person is not cursing or using profanity.
GOD, Margaret's being such a behos!
by AzureRay May 24, 2005
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