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When Karma sends a beer can sailing at your car out of the back of someone's pickup truck on the freeway because you laughed your ass off when it happened to someone else.
Karla was not laughing when beerma caught up with her while commuting home from work on the interstate last night.
by So Cal Jesi July 09, 2010
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An unspoken rule of hospitality stating that should a host provide a guest with spiritus beverage (primarily beer), they shall return the favor later on.

similar to the the Hindu/Buddhist belief of karma but only in regards to spiritus beverages.
"Tim had built up enough beerma with Mat that he needn't worry about stopping by the liquor store before going to Mat's place."
by XCobra427X October 17, 2004
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When something comes back to bite you in the A## due to excessive drinking the night before
John woke up with $700 missing, because he couldnt read his bar tab. that's beerma
by Johnny lightning M3 February 09, 2011
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