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Person who is uniquely skilled in the fine art of cutting through the red-tape in order to discover the true essence of Beer. Able to decipher subtle differences in aroma, appearance, flavor, mouth-feel and overall drinkability.
This is the finest beer I've ever tasted; it was recommended to me by a Beeraucrat!
by Beeraucrat August 30, 2009
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Someone who takes control of the alcohol supply at a party in order to gain popularity, or in order to save the best beers and cocktails for himself and his friends.

This includes hostile take over of the keg tap.
Who did that a**hole think he was, blocking the fridge so only he could hand the beer out? There was Mirror Pond in there and he gave me a @#$% Natural Ice!

Oh, he's a beeraucrat. He's a buddy of mine. Look, he gave me a quart of Guinness Stout.
by iconoguy July 07, 2010
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