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The tender area between the balls and the penis.
Man 1: "Hey man, what did that guy steal?"
Man 2: "Not sure. He won't tell us."
Man 1: "Have you squeezed his beenis?"
Man 2: "No I haven't. Brb."
Man 1: "Wow. Squoze his beenis hard and he squealed all the info."
Man 2: "Nice!"
Man 1: "High five!"
Man 2: "Ya no. Wash your hands first. You just grabbed another mans beenis."
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by Stevie Boo Boo April 08, 2019
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1. Like a penis, only hollow, made out of paper and full of angry bees, wasps or hornets, and not naturally attached to a human body.

2. A regular penis ravaged by bees.
"So Mary went to the bathroom with the guy, only to run out screaming moments later. Turns out he had a beenis!"
by Raem September 28, 2006
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