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An offensive word to call a person with a rather large stomach (belly) who has a laugh rather like that of Father Christmas/Santa.
Hey - that guy is such a beely. He couldn't fit down your chimmney - or anyones for that matter.
by MLS2991 July 07, 2009
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Means believe. When you hear the word in conversation in sounds like that.
Mary: So I am going to France next year!

Charles: Shut up! I dont beely you!! Are you for real?
by bonchk October 21, 2010
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A hockey word used to describe the biggest pussy on the ice. A beely usually wears big shoulder pads, a jizz shield mask on his helmet, his laces are usually florescent, dosnt tuck his jersey, making it look like a dress, you can tell he spent about 30 minutes on his tape job when you see him on the ice, he listens to Katy Perry and all that shit before you go on the ice, he turtles when hes about to get hit, he goes into the shower with his undies on, on the tournaments he dosnt want to late night party with the lads, so instead he spends his time in his room with his mom watching tv trying to fall asleep early, even when you dont have a game tomorrow. Overall hes the pussy on the team.
(Talking about a team-mate)
"Hey man dont you think Bobby is a pussy?"
"Yeah hes a fuckin beely!"

(Talking about a guy on the other team)
"Wow that number 7 sure is a pussy."
"Yeah hes such a beely."

(Other example)
"No boys, coach will get mad!"
"Oh comon Frank dont be such a beely!"
by Gongshow11 October 01, 2011
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