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Nickname given to the band Panic! at the disco's lead singer, Brendon Urie, because of his middle name being Boyd. He has acknowledged it before, saying it doesn't make sense and should be Breebo but his periscope fans continue to call him it
Panic! Fan: Beebo Urie is my son and my husband.
Non-Fan: who and what
by Brendonuriebae June 01, 2015
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Beebo is the nickname of my idol Brendon Urie from the band Panic! At The Disco.
Brendon: *exists*
fans: Omg I love Beebo!
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by beebos.sammy November 18, 2018
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Me: I’m a leader not a follower. I only follow two people


And Beebo of course.
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by Jayfromthe#squad August 01, 2018
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Beebo is the lead singer and only remaining member from the band ‘Panic! At the Disco’.

He has once eaten a sub sandwich on stage and pretended to eat a potato, he is a bit of an idiot

He also has a vocal range higher than my grades, and a forehead bigger than my future.

He took part in a song called ‘Northern Downpour’ which has the power to reduce almost any ‘Sinner’ (P!ATD fan) to tears. If you do not cry, you are immune. Immune Sinners are scary and find enjoyment in Northern Downpouring other Non-immune Sinners. Northern Downpour does not make me cry and I am therefore a superior human being and FREAKING TERRIFYING
Friend: “Hey can you put your Beebo playlist on?”
Me: “Sure”
Me: *puts on playlist*
-A few songs in, just when my friend is starting to feel safe-
Me: *Changes song to Northern Downpour*
Friend: *Crying hysterically* “What the hell dude?!”
Me: *Laughing sadistically* “Northern Downpour sends its love”
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Starting out as a popular toy, the last Beebo was stolen by young Dr. Stein. The Vikings then heard his words, and claimed he was their god of war. Beebo, the god of war. He ended up getting killed by fire in his mortal form, but he would later return as a god. To defeat Malice the six had to form something together. Beebo immediately came to mind when they were told to think of something of pureness. In god form, Beebo stopped Malice with the help of no other, his last words being "Beebo want cuddles!" He then exploded with Malice, killing the both of them and a blue heart of dust formed in result of the explosion.
Malice was no match against Beebo the god of war
by Waffles the fox May 27, 2018
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the worlds greatest flash invention.
a small and rather agressive cat, chronically addicted to smoking
whats that?!
by taaz himself April 07, 2003
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