A cute way of saying 'Bed' when you are with company that you feel rude leaving but know you well and have been with for hours.
I'm off to beddy-byes. (E.g. After watching numerous films with flatmates)
by sweetiecandykim October 28, 2008
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another term for goin to sleep, hittin the sack, crashin out.
Erik: "aye dog are you beddy bye?"

Jim: "Im fuckin Beddy Bye dog, what the fuck, all i wanna do is get some fuckin sleep."
by FBS April 14, 2006
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When someone say some boring ass shit like an unfunny joke and it make you tired.
Friend #1: What's your deal with airline good?

Friend #2: stfu you got me hitting the infinite beddy byes

Friend #3: yea fr
by Bl6tz June 06, 2021
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