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A cute way of saying 'Bed' when you are with company that you feel rude leaving but know you well and have been with for hours.
I'm off to beddy-byes. (E.g. After watching numerous films with flatmates)
by sweetiecandykim October 28, 2008

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1. A term to motivate an individual or group of people to get on with a task in hand, especially after being demonstrated or explained the task first. Similar to get a move on.
2. Understand or see. By not inderstanding what someone meant verbally, or not seeing something so not knowing what was happening. Usuallly not seeing or under something that was meant as a joke. Similar to catch on.
1. 'hurry up and crack on with it'. Or 'get cracking'
2. 'did she see?' 'no she didn't crack on to what you were doing'
by sweetiecandykim June 20, 2010

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A phrase used be people either to scared to voice their opinion, or to scared to take the critisism.
I don't think girls should be allowed to play football. There, I said it.
by sweetiecandykim February 08, 2012

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