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1. A promiscuous female who hops from guy to guy in a crew in the hopes that one of them will see her as more that just a cure for blue balls.

2. A female who's lack of self respect causes her to find validation from penetration.

Example 1
Jules: Shaka! Did you hear?
Cass: Hear what?
Jules: Bianca fucked Sodrel AND Ikeler last night!
Cass: FoReeeal!? Actually, to tell you the truth.... I'm really not surprised, she's such a BEAZY...
Jules: FoReeeal! You got that right!

Example 2
"That chick BE EASY! She wins the BEAZY AWARD of the MONTH!"
by CrayzCass May 16, 2008
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Beazy (Bee-zee) The shorter verison of someone acting like pussy or a bitch
Damn nigga, Stop acting like a Beazy and square off with the nigga
by Jaybizzy July 31, 2006
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bitches bein easy, modern day groupies lookin for action
I know so many beazies that want on my man goodies. Turn that beazie into a breazie when she blows you.
by Joey-oey-oo January 10, 2009
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A Chill person someone who goes with the flow till the boat starts rocking and is forced to put the pimp hand down
Beazy now!

Why don't do just Beazy!
by Beazy123 February 28, 2009
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The word beazy is summin ud say to ur peeps to explain why u cant do summin, but slangin it for sheezy!
'Im beazy for sheazy'
by David Mullett September 04, 2005
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