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1. A promiscuous female who hops from guy to guy in a crew in the hopes that one of them will see her as more that just a cure for blue balls.

2. A female who's lack of self respect causes her to find validation from penetration.

Example 1
Jules: Shaka! Did you hear?
Cass: Hear what?
Jules: Bianca fucked Sodrel AND Ikeler last night!
Cass: FoReeeal!? Actually, to tell you the truth.... I'm really not surprised, she's such a BEAZY...
Jules: FoReeeal! You got that right!

Example 2
"That chick BE EASY! She wins the BEAZY AWARD of the MONTH!"
by CrayzCass May 16, 2008

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2. Super cool and fucking awesome!

3. This HIGHER state of being is only possible if you were born a Fanfan!
Jesse: Dude! Last night was sooo crazy!
Erin: I know, tell me about it! Cass was hilarious!
Jesse: I KNOW! She's fucking FANFANTASTIC!
by CrayzCass May 19, 2008

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1.Protective eye wear that one uses to block the sun, avoid eye contact, or wears as a fashion staement.

2. Sun Glasses
Jules: Cass, have you seen my V Zippers?
Cass: Hun! Your SUN G's are on yo head!
Jules: Shaka Zulu, I'm faded!
by CrayzCass May 20, 2008

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