When danyul Collins be suckin his brothers dick
Damn danny, you really beastin right now
by Artie the 5th January 16, 2019
An unnecessarily extreme reaction. Making a big deal out of nothing. See buggin, wylin out, wylin.
Yo! Why you beastin son?! Daaamn
by Octavian March 9, 2004
Mother: How could you get an F in Math??
Kid: Ma, stop beastin!
by Diane December 23, 2003
Room mate: Damn dude, you think you were loud enough?

Other Room mate: Sorry dude, I was beastin that shit.
by Alay October 19, 2007
Beastin is when someone beats someone up so bad it looks like they got beat up by a beast. May also be caused by a jump. Past tense Beasted

Oh shit they over there beastin.
We going beastin tonight?
Yo Ashley got beasted last night.
by Joy Wilson June 4, 2006
(verb) The act of being a beast; being very good at something.

Meg is beastin' Christian at minesweeper!
by TheDementedJorge February 8, 2009