An inexpensive restaurant with no regular menu and no table service. The menu changes according to availability and food is prepared in large batches rather than to order.
bistro brasserire diner cafe beanery
by malcom4475 December 14, 2013
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Any and all situations in which a person of hispanic decent carries out an accion and or says something that highlights their ethnic background, in a comical sense but not necessarily.
Vato#1: Eeyy esse I just bought some new cortez shoes....

Vato#2: thats so beaneri of you homeeeess...
by Mr Venezuela October 07, 2017
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when you spill beans on your shirt in the theater while watching cars 2, and a black teenager shouts at you: ''this nigga eating beans", and everybody laughs at you
Lubas: So i want to the theater yesterday and i was victim of a beanery.

Jamri: Despacito?
by wilma pichu June 03, 2018
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