A brand of football played by the Virginia Tech Hokies, and named after long-time (1987 - present) head coach and Tech alumnus Frank Beamer. Primarily known for profilic kick- and punt-blocking, Beamerball encompasses the idea that the team can produce points (and prevent opponents' points) at any time, from any point on the football field. Virginia Tech is not only adept at scoring via the blocked kick, but also through defensive interceptions. This philosophy has bolstered the program's status from a mediocre independent (i.e., not affiliated with any conference) at the beginning of Beamer's tenure to one of college football's most respected and consistently excellent programs.
"Virginia Tech, ranked #4, scored touchdowns on offense, defense and special teams as the Hokies Beamerballed #15 Georgia Tech en route to a 51-7 blowout victory." (Chris Coleman, TechSideline.com, 24 September 2005)
by Headfirst September 15, 2006
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A brand of football pioneered by Frank Beamer and the Hokies emphesizing special teams. Expect blocked kicks.
It was Beamerball at its best when the Hokies blocked WVU's feild goal attempt and returned it for a touchdown.
by HokieFan November 9, 2004
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Beating 1-AA teams the first few games of the year, then cruising through the cake ACC conference schedule until losing to the one decent team that year. All the while being ranked outrageously high in the polls for no apparent reason. Finally, getting an undeserving invite to a major bowl game and blowing it. This my friends, is Beamerball.
How the hell is Virginia Tech playing in the Sugar Bowl?
Oh right, cause of BEAMERBALL!!!!
by FrankBeamer January 5, 2012
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2. A brand of football played off the field at Virginia tech, Which includes arrests, underage drinking, Looting, underage sex and gay porn
Three members of Virginia Tech's Football team were found "beamer balling" with two underage girls last night.
by The Truth March 30, 2005
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