A very wholesome day where you have to hug your female friend/Girlfriend/Crush to give her some unconditional love and affection.
Me: “Hey Ashley, come here.”
Her: “Ok?”
Me: “It’s 24 September”
Her: “Soo?”
Me: *Hugs*
by EiraUrWorstLove September 21, 2019
Niki and Sunoo are members of a boy group called ENHYPEN and they say that every 24 is Sunki day!
24 September was the day where sunki started
by September 28, 2020
On this day you should text and old friend that you haven’t seen in years and remember why you were besties
Person 1: hey haven’t seen you in ages we should do something soon

Person 2: yea that sound great when???

Person 1: well I’m free on the 24 September
by Hansey1569 October 16, 2019
the day you hate/cringe at people who post pointless shit on their story (including people who put the definitions of their bday). bonus hatred to people who post aimed stories that no one could give less of a shit about.
someone’s story: ha ha my bday says to “give hugs and i’m amazing”

24 september: “no one cares. i’m cringing
by granny doo doo December 27, 2019
So technically you just give a girl your hoodie on September 24 to someone like a friend or your girlfriend.
by Cute.days. September 19, 2019
If you were born on this day then you are hella thicc and cute;)
Damm she cute she must be born on September 24
by Dolohammah November 4, 2019
Baddest botch was born this day and leaves hoes mad all day everyday
September 24
by Amos:dubsteppast October 29, 2019