This is a word my son started saying a couple of years ago when he was 2 and a half, he was getting it confused with seaside but its now the word we use to describe trips to the coast, to visit the beach, build sandcastles, dig in the sand etc.

You use it when you are going to the coast and the Beach is the main event and side you are planning to spend your time on rather than the sea.
'Can we go to the beachside' 'Do you want to go to the beachside today?'
by RozaSmart November 9, 2019
Term used in Daytona Beach for the area east of the Halifax River, site of "The Worlds most famous beach" & the Ocean Center/Oceanwalk. Not to be confused with Beach St.(Downtown Daytona)
"Theres nothin to do here except chill over on Beachside"
by fresh386 July 18, 2009
this chill little island full of surfer rats and old rich people its conected to florida by 3 bridges
a town without a getto and with lots of drugs rich people and stoners thats. Beachside is a plesant place.
a bunch of rich kids usen there parents money to get high
by johnny Rob January 3, 2006
1. Not worrying about the outcome
2. Living life to the fullest
3. The idealism of Calm, cool, collected, vibing, and overall fun. V
Example 1: “Damn bro, I don’t care what happens all I know is that imma be keeping it beachside.”

Example 2: “It’s all beachside from here!”
by Ying-n-Yang June 1, 2020