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Going to the beach, but instead of saying "I'm going to the beach", you say this instead.
Jenny: "What are you doing tomorrow ?"
Theresa: "I'm beaching tomorrow !"

Theresa: "Do you wanna go beaching tomorrow ?"
Jenny: "Yeah ! I heard it was going to be sunny anyways."
by OBEYSALE May 21, 2009
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by Hukra March 14, 2009
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When you're motorboating a girl whose breasts are too small and your nose runs aground on her sternum.
Aw man, I was fooling around with Michelle last night, and you know how much I like motorboating, well I was totally beaching with her. That girl is a B cup at best.

Have you seen Carly's breasts? Huge. That girl is unbeachable.
by mishmell February 26, 2013
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when you lay around and act blatantly, and obnoxiously lazy, in reference to a beached whale, often done on sunday during NFL football, or through a hangover, most serious beachers will fill a cooler with their favorite beverage and snacks and put it next to them so they dont have to get up, while beaching you are "beached", beaching is to beach
"Work sucks, I cant wait to go home and beach."
"I'm beaching."
"I beached for like, 3 hours after thanksgiving dinner."
" I went home, smoked a joint, put in a movie and beached."
by briandisco February 29, 2008
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Sitting on the beach soaking up the sun. Preferably while surrounded by the opposite sex.
Hannah: I'm going to Florida for vacation.
Joe: Oh, do you want to go beaching?
Hannah: Sure.
by joemamma1024 March 05, 2014
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When someone talks about themsleves, bragging about their accomplishments, and everything about them all the damn time!
Wayne: My dad makes $50,000 a year.

Annoyed listener: Cool...

Wayne: I got in an accident once, but my parents weren't even mad at me. In fact, they paid for everything.

Annoyed listener: Interesting

Wayne: I have....lets see....6....7.....8.....I'll just stop there at 8 cars. I have about 8 cars.

Annoyed listener: Dude, that's enough. You're totally beaching right now and I'm sick of it.
by larsthesailorman April 09, 2011
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When you wear long pants and it is hot out side and your balls get sweaty and sticky, just like when your out in the sun at the beach!
"God damn it kevin i'm beaching again, i'm going to have to go wipe the sweat off again"
by Lucas aka douche November 19, 2005
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