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Week long fiesta taking place on, near, or around a beach. More of an east-coast tradition in which freshly graduated seniors travel to the beach to get belligerently hammered, hook up with chicks, and sun bathe.
This party is rediculous, this is like Beach Week before Beach Week.
by Esteban8 May 21, 2008
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This is the week when a group of misogynist, over-privileged teenage boys who're steeped in the Bro Culture lure their female classmates to a house on the beach that's been stocked with several kegs of beer, junk food, and party lights. While there, they drink to excess, repeatedly lose their virginity, black out, drink more to get over their hangovers, and do it all again the next day.
What happens during Beach Week stays on the beach! I don't have any memory of having sex without consent with multiple female partners. Heck, all we had were a few beers, some laughs, and thoughts of becoming a Supreme Court Justice.
by Snakefishbait September 29, 2018
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The first week of June in which herds of high school graduates migrate towards the beach in order to engage in (sometimes fatal) drug abuse and promiscuity.

Also a week in which the already slutty girls wear even sluttier outfits, if possible, and increase their collection of STD's.

No girl with any sense of looks (drunk vision inclusive) leaves a virgin. Many leave with their first rape kit.

The more prude girls attempt to dress slutty, but refuse to act slutty, transforming them into cluster-fucks.

A week where cops should just give up

A week where thousands of kids get a criminal record

A week where every fluid is tainted (or cured) with alcohol
It's Beach Week next week! I can't way to severely damage my liver and brain stability in order to have an abundance of unadulterated sex with random strangers of random sexes with or without consensual-ality!
by TheLoft May 31, 2012
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