Someon or something that is cummed on by another.
Jill Johnson is such a beach towel, she loves getting spermed on(or at least thats the word on the street).

John uses his bedroom walls as beach towels.
by Lunch Box January 18, 2005
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What Rosie O'Donnell uses for a tampon and sometimes a substitute butt plug.

A Fat Chicks Tampon.

A Fat Chicks toilet paper.
"Has anyone seen my fucking tampon?"

"Rosie darling your beach towel is in your linen cupboard?"
by The Moody Poet January 06, 2007
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1. A few hours after eating a hefty high fiber meal, one might experience a crap so bad that toilet paper does not serve it's purpose in terms of thickness nor area. Common symptoms would be the continual wiping until blood is on the toilet paper, or that so much toilet paper is in the bowl that no brown areas could be seen, except maybe skid marks. Other means must be sought out for cleaning the affected area, namely use of a beach towel.
I had Taco Bell for 3 meals today, I'm going to need a beach towel.
by DenisLearyIsGod October 25, 2005
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When a girl lactates during intercourse and then the fluids are cleaned up with a beach towel.
Guy 1: hey, ur mom gave me a milky beach towel
Guy 2: whats that?
Guy 1: look it up on urban dictionary
by Seafood Kitchen March 20, 2007
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When you have a butt so flat that it looks as if you have a beach towel wrapped around your waist.
Boy, you got a beach towel ass! Yo butt so flat it goes from your back straight down to yo knees.
by Towelass December 11, 2019
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