Bazinga is the word used by Dr. Sheldon Cooper off of the hilarious sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Bazinga can be used in place of such words and phrases such as Your mom, In your face, Face, and the That 70s Show word - Burn.
Sheldon Cooper: Of course not. Even in my sleep-deprived state, I’ve managed to pull off another one of my classic pranks. BAZINGA!

Random Guy: …Win.
by vern the fern August 07, 2011
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An overused and misused phrase popularized by The Big Band Theory. People have steadily increased its use and the ranges of its meaning, its original meaning was to accompany a prank or some sort of fooling. In modern times 'Bazinga' has been used as a sort of "Sounds good!" or a "Sweet".
Guy 1: "Yeah man I just got an A on that Biochemistry final!"
Guy 2: "Bazinga!"
Guy 1:"....I've lost all respect for you"
by Guy 1. January 20, 2012
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People have started using this term to disguise the use of weed.
Let's Bazinga tonight!!
Who wants to Bazinga??
by pot head lol April 24, 2012
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1. The inverse of bazongas
2. Female breasts of smaller proportions
I prefer girls with bazingas over girls with bazongas.
by Wob September 21, 2006
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A follow up after a sarcastic expression.
Two students take a test. one fails, and the other gets 100%. The student that failed asks the other student: "How hard was the test?"
The other student says, "very hard."
*after a while*
by UltimateAsian November 05, 2011
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A interjection used to rub a good joke in someone's face or cheer yourself on after a personal win, popularized as the catchphrase of the character Sheldon Cooper on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory.
Sheldon jumps in the ball pit and every time leonard tries to catch him, he sais the line "bazinga" in joy.
by Jake Paul v73757880 October 16, 2019
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