Has sweet loving adorable character that will make you smile every time you see him. He will always come to you first when you need someone the most. Most of all he's a play boy and gets all the women because of his unbearable cuteness
You: Oh my gosh its bazel
Bazel: Hello!

Everyone melts
by Vancoray January 13, 2020
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Non-binary people that are hecking cute and worth talking to.
If u don't like talking to Bazel ur prob a butthead.
by PEEEEEEEEEEB January 5, 2022
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A person that is below stupid, retarded, and dumb combined. The insult of all insults; The worst thing you can call someone
Friend 1: I swear he's/she's so dumb
Friend 2: I know right, he's/she's such a bazeling
by Anon235 August 17, 2013
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Bazel is bae <3 if u like them, ur cool <3
Bazel is hot af tho
by Peeeeeeebus January 5, 2022
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