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Meaning most beautiful woman. Strong and fierce. She can always handle herself in bad situations, and when she needs to, beat someone. She is amazing and smart in her own way, she can do lots of things. She is funny. Maybe sometimes really hard to show her emotions, when inlove.
by banana1456 December 02, 2011
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3 the most Beautiful...funny...,smart ... happiest girl I know !! We love her soo much!!! she is awsome to everyone ...soo cool to be around ...EVERYONE LOVES HER!!

Baylea makes everyone feel like they are a SUPERSTAR and we all love her crazy, silly, fun ways about her!<3 She is Beautiful in every way !! Has wicked taste in clothes and always looks fabulous !!

Everyone wants to be Baylea... SHe is sooo Beautiful , cool and fun to be around !!
by beautiful02 May 25, 2011
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Baylea is an intelligent, gorgeous woman. She is so beautiful any guy would be very lucky to have her. She has such an amazing personality, different from most girls. She can handle any situation. When she walks in the room she can make everyone smile. She’s always so happy and full of life, everyone loves to be around Baylea. She not only has a beautiful personality she also has a beautiful body. She can pleasure you in anyway you like and she will be good at it, I guarantee. She is loyal to her partners and friends. If anyone stands in her way, they won’t be there for long. She loves to help others, all you need to do is ask and she’ll be there for you!
Person 1: Omg, is that Baylea

Person 2: tell her to come sit with us

Person 3 : Baylea, your so pretty
by Anonymous 4826 April 14, 2018
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An incredibly beautiful, possibly homosexual, American Woman.

While being beautiful on the outside, the Baylea has been known to transform at the sight of a full moon into a leprachaun hermaphrodite that wants to talk to your kids about the importance of education and staying drug free. If ever confronted by a Baylea, and you have no armour piercing weapons/ammunition, you can offer it a Dr. Pepper as a peace offering.

Also, the Baylea is racist in its leprachaun form.
Guy 1: What the hell is that!?
Guy 2: It's a Baylea!!!!!! KILL IT HURRY!!!
by StoneColdStunna October 10, 2011
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A complete bitch who can't decide who to be friends with. Fucks around with older men and loves chubby fingers inside of her black pussay pie.

Bitch, this is a no hoe zone, get out.

Friend A: Why has she left us again?
Friend B: She's a right Baylea.
by dickloverr69 June 22, 2015
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